About Blue Panther LLC


Blue Panther was founded in 1988 as a play-by-mail company.   Four years, four games and several hundred customers later, Blue Panther decided to publish a board game.   Entitled "Kill Ted!", it also resulted in the demise of the first incarnation of Blue Panther.

In 2006, Blue Panther LLC rose again in Michigan, USA with a clear mission - to make true print-on-demand games in wood and other materials.   Armed with a laser engraver, Blue Panther self-pulbished its first titles,   Courtyard and Central Pacific.   Over two dozen titles have followed (from internal and independent designers) in our trademark wood game boxes and now Blue Panther games and accessories can be found in friendly game stores worldwide and online.   It's been a great four years of serving the board game community and we have big plans for the future, along with our partner - Board Games Now!