Blue Panther Privacy Policy


Blue Panther does not sell your information to third parties.  We only use your information in order to fill your order.   We will not disclose your personal information unless required to by law.

We use PayPal for the processing of your order.  Safe, secure and simple  They do it all for you (and us).  We do not keep records of your transactions.

Simple, ain't it?


Blue Panther Shipping Policy


Inventory is evil (really)   That's why we keep an absolute minimum on hand in order to fill your order quickly.  But, in general, you order it, we make it, then we ship it.  Items in our catalog generally ship in two business days or less,  custom orders generally ship within thirty days or sooner depending upon your quoted volumes..

Order up to $30.00: $4.60 Flat Fee

Order between $30.01 and $50.00  $6.50 Flat Fee

Order between $50.01 and $99.99   $8.50 Flat Fee

Order between $100.00 and $199.99   $10.50 Flat Fee

Order over $200:  Free Shipping

International Orders

An additional $5 per item ordered fee is added for additional shipping costs.

Taxes & Duties

In the United States, if you are a Michigan resident, you will add state tax.  Otherwise, no taxes are added.   For our international customers, you are responsible for any import duties.  Blue Panther states the value of your order at the actual US retail price.  Please do not request us to vary from this policy.


Blue Panther Customer Satisfaction


We want you to be happy with your purchase.   We will do what it takes to make you happy.  If there is a problem with your order, let us know and we will fix it quickly, and to your satisfaction.   At no cost to you. This applies to all of our products and services.  Give us a chance to make it right.  For any item in our catalog, that includes a money back guarantee    For custom orders, however, we cannot provide refunds.


Blue Panther Submissions Policy


Yes, we do accept submissions.   Blue Panther publishes both in-house and external game designs.  We're always on the lookout for new game ideas.   Take a look at the products we've published to get an idea for the type of game we're likely to be interested in.  Here's a clue - could it use custom wooden components?  Since we've recently expanded our in-house production capability to include cards and other items, we are considering a broader range of titles and themes than before.  We publish a new game on average every quarter, and 2010 is filling up.  Blue Panther does not sign NDAs for new game submissions.  To get the process started, contact us,  include the words "Game Submission" in your header and a 100 word description of your game - make sure you tell us why it's cool and why we should publish it.   DO NOT send us a physical prototype or a really big file until you've heard back from us.

We also are interested in the products you would like to see us make.  For exampke we now make Sudoku boards from customer requests and have a line of "ancient" games in the works, also due to popular demand.

Blue Panther Convention Support
Game conventions.  We're gamers.  We love them.   And we support them.  If you run a bona-fide game convention drop us a line and we will fill your convention prize table with Blue Panther stuff.   We also offer special items like your convention logo engraved on a dice tower - or we can make you custom tokens to be used in your con's dealer room at a very reasonable price.  Contact us and be sure to include the words "Convention Support" in your header line.