6/20/2011:   Blue Panther announces SOL, a new game by David Mines will be ready for Origins release.    A 2 player game of controlling moons, to influence the planets and the very stars themselves. Strategy, plays in 45-60 minutes.  Ages 13

6/20/2011:  Blue Panther announces publishing agreement with Schutze Games.   Today, Blue Panther is pleased to announce that we will be manufacturing and shipping to all Schutze Games customers in North America.  Currently, Somalia Interventions,  Eureka!, Switzerland Must Be Conquered!   and Fall of France are available.  We will be republiishing the entire Schutze catalog, adding a few titles per month.   These games will  feature upgraded artwork, full color counters, maps and will be boxed.   All Schutze games will be Print-On-Demand, leveraging our unique manufacturing capabilities to deliver great wargames at prices that are well below what you'd expect to pay.

6/20/2011: Dice Towers at Origins look for our new Knockdown Stone DIce Towers at the IPR (Indie Press Revolution Booth at Origins. Or ask your friendly local game store for your copy!

9/7/2010:  Small Games Contest Winner Announced - Dave Whitcher and his title "Snag" have won the Blue Panther First Annual Small Games Contest!  This title will be published in early 2011 in a Blue Panther customizd Card Tower  package.  Game, card box and dice tower in one place - all for $20.   Gaming value in these tight spending times...

9/7/2010:   Blue Panther at RinCon in Tucson in October, NeonCon in Las Vegas in November.   We will be running events at both cons.  Stop by and say hi!

9/2/2010:   Blue Panther announces "Direct Wood Printing" technology.  We've been looking around for some time now and have had a new technology in place for printing full color directly on wood in house for development since late June.   Look for a whole bunch of new products that take advantage of this new technology - including piecepack sets and Card Towers.    This new technology also allows us to offer a new range of colored wood options for custom manufacturing.   Contact us to find out more.

8/31/10:   Blue Panther joining Indie  Press Revolution  - you will shortly be able to get our dice towers at a new venue - Indie Press Revolution!

6/9/10:  Blue Panther at Origins.  All our titles and acessories will be available.   Many show specials - buy a game, mention the website note here, and get a FREE dice tower.    We'll have plenty of our latest releases - Hokkaiido, The Colony, Triarchy and Knights of Crylail.   Along with the Card Tower!    A few new surprises in store  as welll.   Blue Panther will be showing War & Piecepack, a new extension to the piecepack game system by Clark Rodeffer.  And we'll also be showing off our new line of retail piecepacks - full color directlly printed on the wood.

Along with a few extensions to the Card Tower  - cool stuff  - drop by and try out a game in the Origins dealer room.  

4/2/2010:  Blue Panther will be releasing a new version of Piecepack later this year in the retail channel.  Now all the gaming goodness that is Piecepack will be spread far and wide - with new graphics from our new "house artist"   Ms. Justine Lerma

4/2/2010:  Blue Panther will be at Kingdom Con in San Diego in just two weeks.   Come try out our latest games and say hello.

4/2/2010:   More updates to the New Releases page.   Triarchy and the Card Tower ship to distributors on 4/11/2010.     Added retail support sell sheets to the Support Page.    Added game pages for our new 2010 releases.    Hokkaido, Triarchy, The Colony and Knights of Crylail.

2/1/2010: Blue Panther at OrcCon President's Day weekend in LA Airport Radisson..  We will be running events for our newest games on Saturday Feb 13 - Dice Towers to all event winners.   On Sunday join us for a sneak peek at our upcoming 2010 releases - Triarchy, The Colony, Knights of Crylail, Hokkaido and roll the bones in the new Card Tower!

2/1/2010:   Many updates to the New Releases Page - our 1st half of 2010 is chock full of gaming and dice tower goodness!

2/1/2010:   Color versions of Piecepack set 2 and 3 coming soon (March).  Also, a new package price for purchasing a set of 3 piecepacks!.

12/31/2009:   New Year's Sale - we are cleaning out our very small warehouse.   Many items on sale at 50% off or more.  These prices apply to US and international orders.  Check out our New Year's Sale page.   Prices are good until Tuesday Jan 5th.

12/31/09:  Taiji will be going out of print.  There are a few copies onhand here - when they're gone they're gone.

12/16/09:  A new railroad game system is in the works at Blue Panther. Working title is Rails, Rails, Rails! or R3.  We will be needing playtesters soon.  It's not just a game - it's a system with different scenarios intended to simulate rails from the Tom Thumb to MagLev and beyond.  If you'd like to get added to the playtester list, contact us and include "Rail Game Playtester" in the subject line.

12/16/09:  Check out our 2010 releases on the New Releases page

12/2/09:  Blue Panther will be at OrcCon in Los Angeles in Feb and the GAMA show in March in Las Vegas.  Stop by the booth and say hi - see what's new.

11/30/09:   NEPAL now available at your local distributor and game store.   2nd Edition has 200 wood cubes!

11/10/09:   SMACKATOA now available at your local distributor and game store.  Be sure to ask for it!

8/23/09:  Blue Panther at Strategicon - Labor Day Weekend at the LAX Radisson.  We will be demoing our newest game - Smackatoa, along with a variety of other titles.

8/20/09:  New website is up - we've got a new look and some added info - it's alot easier to navigate.  9 out of 10 overcaffeinated and sleep-deprived webmasters agree!

8/14/09:  Smackatoa! Coming Soon - release date is September 2009!  Check it out here

8/14/09:  More info on Blue Panther Prototype Capabilities - we are your prototype and short-run manufacturing partner - with true board game Print On Demand capability here in the USA!

8/3/09:  Blue Panther at GenCon!  We will be at the GPA Booth doing demos throughout the con.  You will also be able to purchase any of our products at the con through the GPA Showcase.  See you there!

7/15/09:  Blue Panther announces the BP Dice Tower "Skin" Contest!   Send in a design and if we post it, you'll get a FREE dice tower of your choice!   Check out the details here!

6/28/09: Blue Panther games are back in distribution in the US and around the world.  Blue Panther games will be available again at your favorite FLGS and online retailers in July 2009.

6/28/09:  Lots of news on Dice Towers.  Assembled dice towers are no longer available - all dice towers are now sold as kits wth easy assmbly instructions - glue, rubber bands and about 10 minutes is all you need.   Mini Dice Towers are back in stock.  And the three original dice towers - birch, wood and stone, will be available as well in your FLGS or online starting again in August 2009.  We are also adding Dice Tower, Knockdown (BPN9003) MSRP just $15 in August.  This is a put-together/take apart dice tower - our most portable dice tower yet!  We are also adding a line of FREE downloadable dice tower skins for all birch dice towers.  Just download the PDF and print to decorate your dice tower.