Retail Support


Blue Panther products, with the exception of Piecepack, are available from your favorite distributor worldwide.  Here is a list of current Blue Panther Product Names and Codes. You should contact your favorite distributor for any item in the Blue Panther catalog.  If you want something in the Blue Panther catalog but cannot get it, or would like a custom item (for example, Piecepack sets or a dice tower with your store's name and logo custom engraved on the front), contact us directly via email or by phone at 1-248 446 9082 between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern time. 

SPECIAL OFFER:   Order $100 MSRP of any combination of Blue Panther products from your favorite distributor and we'll send you a FREE dice tower with your store name engraved on it.   Contact us for specifics


Here are the "sell sheets" for our 2010 releases and Dice Towers.

Game AccessoryDice TowersBlue Panther LLC

Hokkaido Sell Sheet

Knights of Crylail Sell Sheet

The Card Tower Sell Sheet

The Colony Sell Sheet

Triarchy Sell Sheet


Distributor / Wholesale Support


Blue Panther is represented worldwide by Impressions Advertising.   For any standard items in the Blue Panther catalog contact Impressions.  If you would like a Piecepack set or any custom item, contact us directly via email or by phone at 1-248 446 9082 between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern time.


Product Support & Downloads


We've also collected game rules, dice tower assembly instructions and other Blue Panther downloads here all in one place.

Every Blue Panther game also has its own page on BoardGameGeek.com.

Hokkaido Rules

The Colony Rules

Triarchy Rules

Knights of Crylail Rules

Blue Panther LLC Line Card

Board Games Now Line Card

Mini Dice Tower Assembly Instructions

Full Size Dice Tower Assembly Instructions

Knockdown Dice Tower Assembly Instructions

Smackatoa Rules & Card Reference

Nepal Rules

Central Pacific Rules

Courtyard Rules

Cannon Rules

Duck Duck Boom Rules

Rocks For Sale Rules

Cambridge Rules

YangTzee Rules

Taiji Rules

Sudoku Tactics Rules

Tako Judo Rules