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War & Piecepack - The Wargame Rule Extension for Piecepack

War & Piecepak is a fully functional piecepack set that will play any piecepack game already published.  It also includes a set of wargame rule extensions by Clark Rodeffer, free in the box.   Use the wargame rules to write your own historical scenarios.  The first War & Piecepack set is set in the Napoleonic era, with different eras from ancient to future tech scheduled for future releases.

Price $30 USD




Set 1 - Color

Price: $30 USD



Set 2 - Color

Price: $30 US


Set 3 - Color

Price: $30 US


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Elemental Piecepack
featuring full color artwork by Justine Lerma                                                                                             Photo of piecepack faces

Elemental Piecepack

Price: $30 USD



All versions of the New Piecepack feature a FREE printed booklet of the rules for a dozen of the best piecepack games available !!
    Rules download available soon      

Piecepack  -


Piecepack is a set of universal gaming components consisting of tiles, tokens, pawns and dice.  Originally invented by James Kyle, over 150 sets of rules have been written for this system and the number is growing everyday.  Rules and more information at www.piecepack.org.   The best current actively managed site on the web is here... http://www.ludism.org/ppwiki/.   There is also a users group: piecepack group 

These new piecepack sets are a bit different from our older sets, but fully compatible with all birch sets!


Piecepack by Blue Panther LLC features ...

--- Quality laser engraving (the symbols will NEVER wear off)

--- Quality construction (durable birch plywood)

--- Full color heavy-duty labels that you apply for each suit. 

Each Piecepack (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 or Elemental Piecepack) contains components for 4 players (4 suits):

     - 24 tiles, 2 inches square

     - 24 tokens, 3/4 inch circle

     - 4 custom dice

     - 4 custom pawns

     - 6 inch X 9 inch Canvas bag for storage and portability


Set 1 Suits = Sun, Moon, Anchor, Crown

Set 2 Suits = Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades

Set 3 Suits = Winter (Snow), Spring (Flower), Summer (Fish), Fall (Leaf)

Elemental Suits = Fire, Earth, Air, Water


Note: When you buy the Piecepack by Blue Panther, you are buying the sets of components.  

  Download over 150 sets of different rules from http://www.ludism.org/ppwiki/


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