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Gaming accessories - the Dice Tower

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  Gaming Accessories - Dice Towers & Dungeon Terrain

New Additions Summer 09


                        Knockdown (September)             MIni Dice Tower (Now) Order Below

                            BPN89003 (MSRP $16)                            BPN8015 (MSRP $16)

The Knockdown dice tower assembles and disassembles with no glue in less than one minute.  The most portable dice tower you can buy, measuring 3x3x6 with three baffles to randomize your rolls.

The Mini dice tower is the same size as the Knockdown, but includes a detabhable drawer - your die rolls can be public or secret until needed.   Mini dice tower requires glue and rubber bands for assembly. 

Coming in July - Dice Tower Skin Contest - send in your design and if we use it - get a free dice tower of your choice!  Details coming soon.


Original Dice Towers

Blue Panther is pleased to introduce a new line of gaming accessories designed to make your board, miniature, card and roleplaying game more enjoyable.  The first product in the BPGA line is the BP Dice Tower.   The "unfinished" version is shown below.   Dimensions of the tower are approx 7.75" high by 3.75" wide by 3.75" deep to accomodate lots of dice at once.   Base is detachable and approx 8" long by 4" wide by 1.75" high.  The tower folds into the base for easy storage.  The tower and base are made from 1/8" smooth birch plywood and glued together with finger joints as shown below.




The BP Dice tower is available in a variety of finishes...

- unfinished so you can paint it yourself!

- wood stained in (cherry or oak) and finished with a polyurethane coat

- in a grey stone finish with a polyurethane coat

Units are shipped unassembled.  (Complte instructions with lots of photos included).  Easy assembly in 10 minutes with regular glue and rubber bands..

USA Orders
International Orders

Unfinished, Assembly requred $18



Unfinished Assembly Required $21



Wood Finish, Assembly Required $20




Wood Finish, Assembly Required $23



Stone Finish, Assembly Required $22




Stone Finish, Assembly Required $25



Birch Mini, Unfinished, Assy Reqd $16



Birch Mini, Unfinished, Assy Reqd $19





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