Welcome HSLDA members.  Like you we are homeschoolers and have found that our children, with the right game, can learn alot in a short time.   Click on any game for further information!

Visit the Games page for the full Blue Panther product line.    The 15% discount is available on all the games on this page.  This offer is valid in the United States and possessions only.

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Blue Panther donates 10% of every PERX order to the Home Schooling Foundation.



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Sudoku Tactics

A new twist!

Price: $30.00 US

w/ PERX 15% Discount

$25.50 US




The Great Duality!

Price: $23.00 US

w/ PERX 15% Discount

$19.55 US



Super Hangman!

Price: $16.00 US

w/ PERX 15% Discount

$13.60 US



Pulling Strings

Learn Sign Language!

Price: $23.00 US

w/ PERX 15% Discount

$19.55 US


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About Blue Panther Games

Blue Panther is a print-on-demand game company.  We design and publish all types of board and card games.  Our unique ability to POD print entire games with high quality wooden components means you get high quality games at very reasonable prices.


Blue Panther games are...


Fun...  Rules are simple, themes are engaging, options are many.  Never a boring turn!


Fast...All of our games play in one hour or less. 


Family...Our games are suitable for all ages.


Quality... All our games feature laser-engraved wooden components.  100% Made in the USA.


Affordable... You are getting it from the source. You get "more game in the box" for your money.


Great for "Non-Gamers"... Approachable gateway games for your non-gamer friends.


Unique...Unusual themes, with a few twists.


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