Coming in Fall 2010




4Q 2010 :  War & Piecepack  - a wargame extension for piecepack - uses the same set of components for a new genre.  Also supported by several military theme sets.   First one is the Napoleonic era - featuring the following suits:  Frigate, Cannon, Infantry, Cavalry.   Other periods to follow - including ancients and modern day.

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4Q 2010  Full color retail piecepacks with "A Gamer's Dozen Piecepack Rules" included free.  Sets 1, 2 and 3 reissued in full color glory  - but still made 100% of wood!    New lower price - look for them in your favorite game store soon


4Q 2010 - Full color Card Towers - featuring "Elemental" artwork

1Q 2011  Nova Scotia - the next game in the Trailblazers series.  Nepal was first, Hokkaido second, now Nova Scotia adds some historical depth and an economic model to an already elegant blend of strategy and timing.

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1Q 2011  SNAG - The new party game by Dave Whitcher - our first in the Small Box line of games - games that fit in our Card Tower so you get a game, a dice tower and a card box all in one inexpensive package!
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