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Fall of France

Once again the german armies stand poised

on their western frontier, ready to attempt

what their fathers had failed to do in the Great

War - the complete destruction of the French

and British armies in Europe.

Unlike previous titles covering the topic, there

are no rules to force the game towards the

historic result.

A large number of historical options are included

in the game to add variety and balance. 

USA Price: $30 USD

International Price: $35 USD



Switzerland Must Be Conquered!

"An island of sanity in a sea of evil."

During WWII, Switzerland stood virtually alone

as a neutral bastion of normalcy.

The game models the various invasion "scares",

including German unification at the outset of the

war and a potential Allied violation of its borders

in 1944.

Can you dispel the myth of the Swiss mountain


USA Price: $30 US

International Price $35 USD


BPNS002 - Box Front

BPNS002 Box Back

BPNS002 - Map

BPNS002 - Counters

BPNS002 - Ref Charts

Switzerland Rules (PDF)


Eureka Stockade

"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly

by each other and fight to defend our rights and


In the early hours of Sunday, December 3, 1854,

elements drawn from all of the forces under the

Victorian colony's command stormed the makeshift

stockade erected by disaffected goldminers on the

Ballarat goldfields.

Players will command either the government or

miner forces in three different scenarios -

historical (government advantage) , balanced

and miner advantage.

USA Price: $25 US

International Price $30 USD


BPNS003 Box Front

BPNS003 Box  Back

BPNS003 Map

BPNS003 Counters

BPNS003 Ref & Scenario

Eureka Stockade Rules






Allenby's Blitzkrieg

It is September 1918 and General Edmund Allenby

is poised on the plain of Megiddo (Palestine) to

unleash the last geat cavalry campaign in history,

intending to bring the Ottomaan Empire to its


The game focuses on the heavy fighting in northern

Palestine (now Israel) .  Several historical "what-ifs"

have been included



USA Price $25 USD

International Price $30 USD


BPNS005 Box Front

BPNS005 Box Back

BPNS005 Map

BPNS005 Counters

BPNS005 Ref Sheets

Allenby Rules (PDF)


Somalia Interventions

Since its collapse in the 1990 famine, Somaila has

rarely known peace.  The UN's humanitarian

mission changed to a peacekeeping operation

under the weight of "bandit" attacks.  

Somalia is a high level simuation of several key

periods in the recent history  of Somalia, with

scenarios covering UN intervention, the rise of

the ICU and the civil war that follows.

A separate booklet contains a modified ruleset to

play out the hypothetical War on Terror intervention.

USA Price: $25 USD



Four years of trench warfare and stalemate

were almost shattered by the German 1918

Kaiserlacht campaign.   On the 4th of July, 1918,

General Monash unleashed the Australian Corp

in a carefully choreographed combined arms

attack to capture the town of Hamel.

A low complexity game of company-sized units

for two players (with high solitaire suitability).



USA Price $30 USD

International Price $35 USD


Hamel Box Front

Hamel Box Back

Hamel Map

Hamel Counters

Hamel Rules & Ref Sheet

Hamel Rules


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