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Zodiac Piecepack in a new style... Cool

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  Zodiac Piecepack     


NEW!  Limited Edition Zodiac Piecepack in Oak

12 Suits - one for each sign of the zodiac

Custom cherry box with your name engraved on it.

Only 100 will be made. Each set is numbered and signed.

Just in time for the holidays!

All 12 signs of the Zodiac Piecepack


All components are made of 100% wood, tiles and disks are made of oak hardwood.



Each Zodiac Piecepack includes a custom collector's engraved box with your name on it.  Specify what you would like engraved by using the "comments" field in your order. Max of 20 characters.




Zodiac Piecepack  by Blue Panther:

Zodiac Piecepack

Zodiac Piecepack

USA Orders

$100 US+ Shipping



International Orders

$105 US + Shipping





Piecepack is a set of universal gaming components consisting of tiles, tokens, pawns and dice.  Originally invented by James Kyle, over 150 sets of rules have been written for this system and the number is growing everyday.  Rules and more information at www.piecepack.org.   There is also a users group: piecepack group    

Blue Panther is pleased to be bringing you the Zodiac Piecepack featuring.  

--- Quality laser engraving (the symbols will NEVER wear off)

--- Quality construction (durable oak)

--- Custom wooden storage box with YOUR NAME CUSTOM ENGRAVED ON THE TOP


Each Zodiac piecepack contains enough components for 12 players (12 suits):

     - 72 tiles, 2 inches square

     - 72 tokens, 3/4 inch circle

     - 12 custom dice

     - 12 custom pawns

     - Custom wooden storage box with YOUR NAME LASER ENGRAVED FOR FREE

Note:  Please use the "comments field" of your order to specify the name you would like to have engraved (up to 20 characters). 


Note: When you buy the Zodiac Piecepack by Blue Panther, you are buying the sets of components.  

NO rules are included.   Download over 150 sets of different rules from www.piecepack.org


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