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Blue Panther LLC

Boom and Zoom: 2nd Edition

Boom and Zoom: 2nd Edition

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Boom and Zoom is a casual two player romp akin to a classic game of checkers. Conquer your foes. Published exclusively by Blue Panther LLC.

"Boom & Zoom" is a simple yet thought provoking abstract strategy game. Two players "boom" (capture) and zoom (move) across an 8x8 board with 4 towers (stacks of 3 green or purple disks) attempting to reach the other player's end zone.

TIME: 20+ minutes
AGE: 13 and up

Designed by Ty Bomba.

  • 24 wooden disks (12 green + 12 purple)
  • A canvas-printed board
  • Rulebook

Copyright 2023 Blue Panther LLC.

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