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Goober Calendar 2024

Goober Calendar 2024

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"The Goober Calendar 2024" is a limited edition, 12 month calendar book from Bill Molyneaux Games. Join Goober in his quest to reclaim the undying spirit of the Eastern United States. The calendar includes landmarks from across American history.


Follow the exploits of Goober* as he travels to forts and museums in the Eastern US. Along the way, Goober will encounter neighbors from New York, Virginia, and Maryland.

This calendar is perfect for history buffs of the American Civil War. All proceeds from this calendar will go the Braddock's Battlefield History Center. Visit the center at:


  • One Complete Booklet (8.5x11" inch, printed double-sided)
  • 12 Photos of Goober traveling the United States of America.
  • Includes the major federal holidays (Juneteenth, MLK Jr. Day, etc.)
  • *The Goober stuffed animal is NOT included

© 2023 Bill Molyneaux Games
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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