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Mango Cabana

Mango Cabana

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"Mango Cabana" is a fast-paced card game for two to six players. Schedule your club Acts, capture the best talent, and send "divas" to sabotage your rivals. Do you have what it takes to be the greatest night club in town? May the best showman win...


In the fast-paced card game "Mango Cabana," players compete to schedule the hottest Acts at their club. Score points for placing the Act on their ideal night. Specialize your talents in comedy, music, or performing feats of 'impossible' magic. Invite 'party divas' to boost your score. But watch out! Having too many divas will sink your reputation!

Players must choose their best cards in order to place the best acts in their clubs. By selecting cards with a minimum of rules, you must quickly assess the game state and come up with a schedule of six performers each. Whoever has the best combination of talent, while avoiding penalties, wins the game.

To be the coolest club in town, you have to get the hottest Acts. Welcome to Mango Cabana: the Fruity Nightclub Game!

TIME: 30 minutes
AGE: 8 and up


  • 54 Game Cards
  • 3 Diva Cards
  • 6 Players Boards
  • 8 Club Cards
  • A sheet of Point Tokens

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