Electronic Play Assist Products Policy


Blue Panther LLC, or clients of Blue Panther who have elected to offer their products on the Blue Panther LLC website, may elect to offer electronic versions of game files required to allow the games to be played on “electronic play assist products” such as Vassal or TableTop Simulator (each program sold separately).

Blue Panther does not charge for these files / modules. However, in order to legally use these files to play a game on electronic platforms such as Vassal or Tabletop Smulator, at least one of the players must own a copy of the game upon which that module is based.

All rights, copyrights and trademarks for the original game(s) remain with Blue Panther LLC, the original publisher, and/or the original game artist.

Permission is granted for players to make copies of rules, player aids, maps and other game-related content for personal, noncommercial use. Use of these materials for any other purpose is prohibited without the express permission of Blue Panther LLC.

Last updated: 2/23/2023.