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  • The logo for Bill Molyneaux Games. It is black text on a transparent background.

    Bill Molyneaux Games

    is a leading game designer in historical war games.

    Explore the BMG Collection 
  • War Diary Magazine

    provides a subscription-based approach to old school military games. Their newest game, Guadalcanal, is available now!

    Official War Diary Website 
  • White Dog Games

    is behind the hit Catholic war game, "The Mission." At Blue Panther, we print and furnish all the required game components.

    Official WDG Website 
  • Red Sash Games

    is responsible for deeply researched large scale naval and land wars of the 18th century including the new Cold Waves. Red Sash titles are available now.

    Explore the Red Sash Collection 
  • Catastrophe Games

    is responsible for out-of-the-box thinking in war games. These titles are available now.

    Explore the Catastrophe Collection 
  • The Historical Game Company

    delivers a dozen easy to learn quick to play titles covering the American Revolution and other 18th century wars.

    Explore the THGC Collection 
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