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Raider Drop Zone

Raider Drop Zone

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"A game of MAN versus ALIEN and THE INVASION of PLANET KRAKEN." | "Raider Drop Zone" is a two-player science fiction war game developed by Keith Traction.

Now Available from Keith Tracton, Printed by Blue Panther LLC

RDZ - Raider Drop Zone is a two-player game of company, regimental and divisional combat action between the elite Terran Fleet Raider Forces and the dreaded alien Kraken. The game is set in the science-fiction universe of "Firepower Pass" (TM).

As a Terran Fleet Raider commander, you will drop your Raider companies using drop capsules. With the help of the Terran Fleet's planetary assault landing boats, you can station your supporting Medium Armor platoons, Combat Engineer platoons, and the sophisticated "Tunnel Detector" Ground Sonar sections. Coordinate your forces to root out and destroy the subterranean Kraken defenders.

As the Kraken Supreme Neuro-Director (The "Only Mind"), you will secretly coordinate your alien forces. These swarms include the "Dragoon" soldiers, the "Storm Armor" Heavy Weapon Vehicles, and the unarmed, but seemingly numberless Drone Legion mega-swarms, which will help defend your home world. By alternating between the Kraken's surprise surface raids and juggernaut assaults, you might be able to annihilate the soft-skinned invaders, or at the very least, inflict enough casualties to force them to withdraw...

Time to Play: 1-8 hours (depending on game scenario)
Age: 14+
Complexity: 6 out of 10
Solitaire System Suitability: 3 out of 10

List of Components:

  • 1 44-page rule book
  • 1 16-page scenario book
  • 1 22"x34" inch Planetary Surface Map
  • 2 11"x17" inch Game Maps
  • 5 8.5"x11" inch Player Aid sheets
  • 240 3/4" inch square game pieces
  • 165 3/4" inch circular game pieces
  • 6 10-sided dice (6d10)

Copyright 2024 Keith Tracton.
Printed by Blue Panther LLC.

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