• Michael W. Kennedy of WDG

    "I frankly am amazed at your consistently high production levels and excellent quality."

    White Dog Games Official Website 
  • Against the Odds Magazine

    "Thanks for the great customer support. 8-)"

    Against the Odds Official Website 
  • Peter A. of Australia

    "Everything has arrived safe and sound. Many thanks for your help with this complicated order."

  • Amabel from Hollandspiele

    "The Publisher's Deepest Gratitude to Stephen Jones of Blue Panther LLC. whose Ingenuity is responsible for many of the particulars of Siege of Mantua, including the Method for printing directly on Blocks; and whose work with us throughout the years has more broadly made such a production possible in the first place."

  • David Thompson

    "I also want to praise the production. Blue Panther is knocking it out of the park with their print-on-demand games. You're not getting a subpar physical production, just because it's printed on demand. The quality is great, and I LOVE the canvas map."

    Original Tweet by @djackthompson (Twitter)