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Road to Independence

Road to Independence

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"Road to Independence: The American Revolution 1775-1783" is a two player, entry level strategic war game from The Historical Game Company. Will you fight for the American dream? Or will you serve the whims of the Royal Crown? Whatever you choose, the path to freedom rages on...


The "Road to Independence" is the first in the series of important conflicts in American history. It is set in a casual yet historically-based manner. In this games, two players take the sides of the British and the American forces, vying for control over the Thirteen Colonies.

The game not only includes the Eastern seaboard, but also the conflict in the Wilderness territory. This "theater" is rarely covered in games on this conflict. Both players will fight for control of important locations using specially made dice that represent the various enemies and allies. These combatants include British men, American soldiers, Native American allies, militia units, and the French and Spanish allies.

Each player also has their own deck of Event Cards that will allow special events and actions to occur. This level of unpredictability ensures that no two games will play the same way.

Will the Americans prevail and win their independence from the British Empire? Or will His Majesty's forces bring the wayward colonies back under the Crown's control? Find out in the "Road to Independence."

TIME: 60-90 Minutes
AGE: 14 and up

Designer: Steven L. Kling Jr.

  • 22x17" Map
  • 1 Player Aid Card
  • 68 Cards
  • 60 game pieces
  • 20+ six-sided custom dice
  • 1 Rulebook

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