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Army of the Rhine

Army of the Rhine

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Army of the Rhine: Ombre de Furenne is a hardcore war game set in the 17th century. It is the 14th installment in the Lace Wars saga.

In Army of the Rhine, you will have a chance to change history – and even if you cannot, perhaps you can win enough glory to write your name in the history books. The Rhine Valley is far from the eyes of both Sun King and Emperor, but you will be pitted against a worthy opponent – Frank versus Teuton, yet again.

As the French, will you pursue an offensive or a defensive strategy? Although Versailles is far away, you bear a heavy burden of responsibility. The Sun King will not be pleased to hear that Alsace has been pillaged, or that the Württembergers have failed to pay the Contributions he demanded last year. Will you then risk battle? You may also be forced to play nursemaid to the Dauphin, the King’s eldest son. He is a good man, and brave, but not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. If his reputation needs patching up, expect to be ordered to lay siege to some massive fortress. On the other hand, if Versailles decides to pursue diplomacy, you will have to secure and ‘rationalise’ the frontier. If you fail in your task you will lose the respect of the Sun King and the Court ladies, and what is worse, the Parisians will mock you mercilessly. IF you disobey… it does not bear thinking about.

As the Allied commander you lead a motley collection of troops. They are nearly all German, but that means very little. In the Empire, a prince only contributes greatly to the Cause if he expects to be greatly rewarded; otherwise, he will contribute as little as he thinks he can get away with. And, because the princes have the option to aid either Emperor Leopold or King William of England, they can play the one off against the other without being accused of letting the side down. Vienna may tell you to expect 30,000 men from Brandenburg, only to learn their Elector has chosen to fight in Brabant this year, because King William paid him in advance. And as for expecting help from the Emperor himself, forget it. French passivity in the face of your outstanding defense of the frontier last year has given him the excuse to siphon away yet more resources to his never ending Hungarian war.

SCENARIOS: 10 Minor & 1 Major Campaign

-3 hours for Minor Scenario
-2 Days for Campaign Scenario
AGE: 14+


  • 5 Maps
  • 1,600+ game pieces
  • 2 rulebooks
  • A historical commentary book
  • 1 set of display cards
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Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.
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