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Campaign: Fall Blau

Campaign: Fall Blau

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"Campaign: Fall Blau" is a tactical solitaire system game set during World War II. Experience the summer offensive of 1942, where the German forces stand their ground against the Soviet Union.

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"Campaign: Fall Blau" is a solitaire war game that takes place during World War II and puts the player in charge of the German summer offensive of 1942 in the south of the Soviet Union, code named "Fall Blau." Pick your three generals, issue them orders at every turn, and use your resources wisely in order to obtain your campaign's objectives.

Each turn, you will face two new event cards, so that may be beneficial. Many of these cards will pose and obstacles or a Soviet attack. Then, as commander, you have three choices to make: to either Advance to a new Objective, Attack the Objective, or Resupply your forces. Prepare for the inevitable counter attack. Then mark the calendar to start a new turn.

But every decision comes at a price. As the days for this campaign grow ever shorter, Mother Winter will begin to wear down you and your men. This is a race against time. Either you push your generals to their limit, marshal your precious reserves, or take well-timed halts to your advancement. You will need to the strength to meet your objectives.

Do you head immediately for Stalingrad, taking the city early in the season? Or do you push for distant southern oil fields around Astrakhan and Grozny? Or do you maybe take the opportunistic approach, looking for openings in both directions?

Take control of your campaign! Lead your infantry and panzer troops and do what OKH could not do in World War II. Or become overwhelmed when the snows start falling on your exposed troops. The choice is yours.

PLAYERS: 1 (solo game)
TIME: 30-60 minutes
AGE: 14 and up


  • 1 Campaign Map
  • 1 frontline Board
  • Over 40 Units / Tracking Cubes:
    • (20 red, 16 grey, 1 black, 1 white, and 1 yellow)
  • 9 six-sided dice (9d6):
    • (6 white and 3 black)
  • 51 game cards

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