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Crisis In Korea

Crisis In Korea

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"Crisis In Korea" is a collection of two explosive games in one box. This box includes "Loose Nukes" and "KTO Crisis", which both cover the Korean War in the 1950's.

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Loose Nukes

Loose Nukes is a micro-wargame that simulates the challenges of tracking and securing nuclear assets scattered across North Korea in the event of the DPRK dissolution and ensuing civil conflict. The game is played by two players who take on the roles of the United States-Republic of Korea (US-ROK) alliance, and the People's Republic of China (PRC). The goal of the game is to secure the most nuclear assets before the former DPRK forces create a no-win situation.

Players must make strategic decisions about how to allocate their limited resources and time, while also managing the risk of nuclear escalation. The game is designed to be challenging and realistic, and it provides players with a unique opportunity to experience the complex challenges of securing nuclear weapons in a crisis.

KTO Crisis

KTO Crisis is a micro-wargame that simulates a potential conflict on the Korean Peninsula. The goal of the game is to secure territory with finite armies, while avoiding nuclear escalation and third-party intervention. The game emphasizes the precarious balance between securing a favorable end state and managing strategic risk.

KTO Crisis simplifies a wide range of complex factors involved in a Korean conflict, sch as conventional military operations, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear escalation, and strategic risk calculus. However, it still provides players with a valuable opportunity to experience the challenges of a Korean conflict and to learn about the utility and limitations of war games.

From Sebastain: "Wargames do not predict the future, but help players understand complex issues. The games are designed to look at the nuclear dynamics on the Peninsula in different but intimately connected perspectives."

TIME TO PLAY: 15-30 Minutes
AGE: 14+

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