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Historic Wings

MAG-23: Guadalcanal

MAG-23: Guadalcanal

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Take command of Marine Air Group 23 (MAG-23) as it deploys to the newly constructed airfield on Guadalcanal — will your men be able to withstand the steadily building onslaught of Japanese forces as they attack by air, land, and sea?


MAG-23 Guadalcanal puts you in command of Marine Air Group 23 from its first days on Guadalcanal in 1942 to when it was withdrawn from combat, after a challenging seven and a half weeks. The experiences of the Cactus Air Force during the Second World War on Guadalcanal began with MAG-23 and set the stage for America to turn the tide in the Pacific and commence its planned “island-hopping” campaign. As the Marine commander, you will undertake tactical, operational, and strategic decision-making as you face off against relentless Japanese attacks.

The action comes together in a narrative style in a logbook that you write as you play. You capture the stories and events of your deployment at Henderson Field, with stories of heroism and tragic losses as you face the committed, expert forces of the Japanese. Will your F4F Wildcats defeat Japan's G4M Betty bombers and its many aces in their A6M Zeroes? Will you stop the "Tokyo Express" at sea? Will you destroy enough of Japan’s surrounding land forces?

Designed by Thomas Van Hare, MAG-23 is the second in a series of wargame books from Historic Wings. It features fast-playing action that unfolds in the skies over Ironbottom Sound and Savo. Each Game Day is its own game -- and together, the days become an entire campaign as you lead your pilots into combat and face the jungle, disease, naval bombardment, fuel shortages, and Japan's finest aces.

NOTE: This is NOT a complete game. Rules for the game are sold separately on Amazon.

AGE: 14+
TIME TO PLAY: 15-60 Minutes
DESIGNER: Thomas Van Hare


3 Sheets of Game Counters
3 Gameplay Maps (Air, Land, Sea) (11”x17”)
3 Air, Sea, and Land Operations Charts (8.5”x11”)
1 Daily Operations Chart / Sequence of Play (8.5”x11”)

©2023 Historic Wings & Thomas Van Hare
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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