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Smokejumpers is a solitaire game that pits fire fighters against a raging forest blaze.

Available Now | From Designer Kerry Anderson

As the crew looks out the windows of the Twin Otter, a smoke column stands out as the only interruption in a sea of spruce. Candling lames jump into the sky as individual trees burst into combustion. The plane slows down to circle the fire and crepe paper is tossed out to test the wind. Then the smokejumpers, each clothed in Kevlar and packing 35 pounds of gear, jump through the door and parachute 1500 feet to a postage-stamp opening in the stand. Pulaskis begin to dig into the thick duff layer and in a few hours, a trench is dug around a fire the size of a football field. As the fire subsides into smoldering pockets, the jumpers take their first break.

The player assumes the role of a fire boss and must decide the most effective way of fighting a forest fire -- both in terms of tactics used and value lost. Fire growth is governed by the game system, with wind and fuel moisture content as the driving forces. The goal of the player is to contain the fire while keeping costs low.

The four 11" x 17" inch maps represent typical forested areas of predominantly coniferous (evergreen) stands. The maps are geomorphic so they can be joined in combinations to create larger playing areas. The 280 die-cut, back printed counters to represent fires (active and smoldering), fire fighting resources (crews, helicopters, and other equipment), and containment lines.

AGE: 10+
TIME TO PLAY: 90 Minutes
DESIGNER: Kerry Anderson

    • 280 game pieces
    • A single rulebook
    • One terrain chart sheet
    • 4 11" x 17" inch maps
    • One example sheet

    Copyright 2023 Kerry Anderson.
    Published under license by Blue Panther LLC.

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