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Mini Men with Minie Balls

Mini Men with Minie Balls

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Mini Men with Minie Balls is a set of miniature wargame rules bringing the conflict of the American Civil War to your dining room table.

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The game gets its name derived from the miniature figures used for play and the ammunition fired by the rifled muskets of the era.  Each player will command a brigade of their own consisting of 1-5 regiments.    The game offers historically accurate unit movement, musket and cannon effectiveness, unit quality, special weapons like the Henry Rifle and much more.   Designed for 15mm scale American Civil War miniature figures.

TIME: 30+ minutes
AGE: 13 and up

Designed by Brad Ireland

62 Page Color Spiral Bound Rulebook includes:

  • Full miniatures ruleset, including optional rules
  • Quick Reference Chart
  • Game Markers
  • Random Event Cards
  • Blank Unit Markers
  • Three Scenarios: Ball's Bluff, Brawner's Farm, Little Round Top

Copyright 2023 Brad Ireland and printed under license by Blue Panther LLC.

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