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Perdition to King George

Perdition to King George

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The Perdition to King George is a folio expansion pack to the hit war game, Charlie's Year. It covers bloody assimilation of Scotland into the British Empire. It features the Swedish and Spanish invasions of 1718-1719. The game is part of the Lace Wars saga.

Perdition to King George is NOT a standalone game. It requires a copy of Charlie's Year and The Highland Quorum expansion pack (each sold separately).

A generation before The '45, Bonnie Prince Charlie's sire, James Edward Stuart, was inveigled to Scotland on a promise by the notorious political 'trimmer', the Earl of Mar, that Britain was ripe for a return of the House of Stuart. Though the attempt failed as badly as the later rising, for a time there was great hope of success, for the Jacobite rebel army was much larger than the Government forces deployed against it and could count on much sympathy from many Scots who had no love for the Stuarts - because less than a decade before, Scotland had been underhandedly joined to England. Can YOU succeed with the resources that the Earl of Mar squandered?

Perdition to King George! is a two player operational study of two potential Jacobite rebellions, one sponsored by Sweden in 1718 and one sponsored by Spain in 1719. The module uses  the same rules, map, and some counters from Charlie's Year and The Highland Quorum.

AGE: 14+


  • 240 game pieces
  • 1 Rulebook
  • A historical commentary

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