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Pro Religione Et Libertate

Pro Religione Et Libertate

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Pro Religione et Libertate: The War of the Two Kings is a 2 player expansion pack for the historical war game Remember Limerick. It is the tenth installment in the Lace Wars saga.

A copy of Remember Limerick is REQUIRED to play P.R.L.

By order of his Most Royal and August Presence, the KING, you are hereby appointed Generalissimo of all loyalist troops current serving in the field. Your instructions are to carry the war to the rebel scum in whatever manner you see fit, but not so as to endanger either the King's rule or the royal purse. If you fail, there will be ... displeasure. Your duties commence at once. Do not return without victory.

The War of the Two Kings was fought between King James II of England and his nephew (and son-in-law) William, Prince of Orange. It began with the Glorious Revolution of 1688, a seminal event in British history that institutionalised Constitutional Monarchy and modem party politics. The Revolution is often portrayed as a popular revolt against James' attempts to institute Absolute Rule. On one level tins is true, but in its execution the Revolution was strictly a coup d'etat - William invaded England with a Dutch army 'fronted' by English and Huguenot (French Protestant) exiles.

King James, suffering from a nervous breakdown, did not challenge his nephew on the battlefield, but fled to France. His flight has obscured the fact that William's invasion was a dangerous gamble. If James had fought it is quite likely he would have won.

Important: P.R.L. is an expansion module for RSG 's Remember Limerick! game. YOU MUST OWN A COPY OF REMEMBER LIMERICK! TO USE THIS MODULE.

AGE: 14+


  • One game map
  • 480 game pieces
  • 3 Rulebooks
  • Historical Commentary

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