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Remember Limerick

Remember Limerick

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"Remember Limerick" is a hardcore, land-based war game set in 17th century Ireland. It is the seventh installment of the "Lace Wars" saga.

"Remember Limerick" is a two-player simulation of the "Cogadh An Da Ri," AKA The War of the Two Kings, otherwise the Willianite War in Ireland. The conflict lasted from 1689 to 1691, and saw two pitched battles -- one the largest ever fought on Irish soil. It pits William of Orange and King James II, two men fighting for the rightful heir of England. The stage is set.

The armies of each side are similar in composition: infantrymen equipped with a mix of muskets and pikes, regiments of sword-and-pistol-armed horse, trained to charge home, regiments of musket-armed dragoons acting as mounted infantry, and relatively small, and cumbersome, trains of artillery

The game examines both the conventional fighting and the "raparee" war, and the difficulties of supporting large forces in a poor country - and by sea, too, since Ireland is an island separated from England and France by some very dangerous waters. The game also deals with politics, foreign and domestic: will French victories against the Dutch on the Continent force the Williamites to divert money and troops from Ireland, or will the Irish peace party reach an accommodation with King Billy?

For once, you have no control over such matters. All you can hope to do is enhance your Prestige, so that when the war ends you can find decent employment in the Emperor's war against the Turk.

Number of players: 1-2
Scenarios: 3 Minor Campaigns & 1 Major Campaign


  • 2 full colour maps ( I 2"x 18")
  • 480 die cut game pieces
  • Standard rulebook (version 3.5)
  • Exclusive rulebook
  • Scenario and "OOB" booklets
  • A Historical Commentary

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