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Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit

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Queen's Gambit is a hardcore, tactical war game set in 18th century Italy. It is the fourth installment of the Lace Wars saga.

Like its predecessors, it examines the War of the Austrian Succession at an "operational level." Italy is the stage this time.

Once again, you are the King's (or Queen's) Captain-General. The forces available to your are relatively small, and it will not be easy to achieve your objectives. The united powers of Bourbon France and Bourbon Spain face off against the reluctantly allied forces of Austria and Piedmont-Sardinia. Austria owns most of the north (which used to be Spanish land), but has a pitifully small army to defend it. Piemont owns the west, has a decent army, and a strong position. However, she cannot let either the Bourbons or the Habsburgs drive their opponent from the peninsula entirely. Only by playing one off against the other can she hope to survive.

To make matters worse, as the Bourbon commander, Madrid is sending you a stream of orders that take no account of the realities of the situation. And the Queen of Spain has no tolerance for sluggards, incompetents, or questions. It's no good turning to King of Louis of France: embarrassed by his lack of support early in the war, he has ordered you to obey Madrid's instructions even if it means the destruction of their army and yours!

The Allies also have their own problems. Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary, is just as pig-headed as the Queen of Spain, and twice as parsimonious. Serving her, you will have no money, no men, a populace that hates you, and orders to match the length of the peninsula and occupy Naples. The fact that this will mean violating the Pope's territory does not seem to register with Vienna. Charles Emmanuel, rule of Piedmont, has promised 10,000 men, but where are they? No time to wait for them now. If you don't get your army underway, your next posting will be on the Turkish frontier.

AGE: 14+


  • 6 full color maps (12x18" inch each)
  • Over 1,200 die-cut game pieces
  • 4 Rulebooks
  • A historical commentary book (60 pages)
  • A set of charts, tables, and displays
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