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Sisu: The Battles of Suursaari Island 1942 & 1944 is a hardcore war game. It covers the campaign between Finnish and German forces.

Suursaari, also known as "the Great Island," is a large island in the Gulf of Finland. In 1942 and again in 1944 it was the focal point of a battle. The island is centrally located, perfect for dominating sea lanes leading to Leningrad or those crossing between Finland and Estonia. Float planes, or ski planes in winter, could use it as a base; strings of minefields could be monitored from it; coastal guns emplaced on it could engage passing ships.

Immediately before World War II the island belonged to the Finns, it was a rustic vacation destination, complete with casino. The Russians acquired the island without a fight during the Winter War of 1939/40. In the winter of 1942, the Finns took it back from the Russians. In September 1944, the Germans tried and failed to take it from the Finns. This game comprises two scenarios covering these battles, using a common set of rules.

Each player's military forces must maneuver across the game board, attacking the opposing force with direct and indirect fire, airstrikes, naval gunnery, and fighting hand-to-hand. One player is the Defender and the other is the Attacker. The Attacker must achieve his objectives before time runs out. The longer the game goes on, the more objectives he must achieve to win. Turns are one hour.

-3 hours for Minor Scenario
-2 Days for Campaign Scenario
AGE: 14+


  • Two 22x34" inch maps
  • 240 game pieces
  • 1 rulebook
  • A historical commentary book
  • 1 set of display cards
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Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.
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