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Sport of Kings

Sport of Kings

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Sport of Kings is a hardcore, land-base game set during the 18th century. It is the third installment of the Lace Wars saga.

Sport of Kings covers the campaigns of the War of the Austrian Succession in the German theaters of Silesia, Moravia, Bohemia, and the Rhineland, beginning with the outbreak of war in 1740  and running until 1745, when Prussia withdrew from the conflict and the emphasis shifted to other theaters. There are scenarios for the 1st and 2nd Silesian Wars, the Austro-Bavarian War, and the Dettingen campaign, plus a huge Campaign Game covering the entire period.

Up to 3 people may play, as the French, the Allies, or the Prussians. The Allied army includes contingents from Britain, Hanover, Holland, Austria, Hesse, and Denmark. Saxony is a potential ally, but could join the Franco-Prussians instead. Under French command are Bavarian and Pfalz troops. The forces of the Empire are available to the side that can demonstrate the greater strength.

There is great scope for you as the King's Captain General. Germany has always been a place for military reputations to be made or broken. As Prussia's outstanding commander, you must engage in lightening campaigns against a colossal foe, using the threat of a two-front war to force Austria to negotiate instead of counterattacking. As France's greatest living marshal, you must help the Bavarian Elector to the throne of the Empire, then keep him there.

The Prussians may help, but then again, they may not. Frederick is ever an untrustworthy ally. As Maria Theresa's bulwark, you must defend the vast Habsburg realms from attack on two sides. However, your resources are siphoned off to deal with threats in Flanders, Italy, and on the Turkish frontier. Britain will help, but don't trust their politicians and generals, just take the gold they offer so freely.

-3 hours for Minor Scenario
-2 days for Campaign Scenario
AGE: 14+


  • 10 game maps (12x18" inch each)
  • Over 1,600 die-cut game pieces
  • 4 rulebooks
  • A historical commentary book (63 pages)
  • A set of charts, tables, and displays

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