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Turkenkrieg is a 1-3 player war game in the 18th century. It is the fifth installment in the Lace Wars saga.*

Turkenkrieg looks at the efforts of the Imperial Army in the Balkans from 1737 to 1739. Emperor Charles VI's military machine was already on its last legs after the disasters of the War of the Polish Succession (in which the Russians had to bail him out).
But the dreaded forces of the Sultan were no better; he had only just concluded a crippling war with the Persia of Nadr Shah. In  the end, the Turks would win through bluff and diplomacy.

You will have a chance to change history. As the Imperials, you command a respectable force, but led by generals who are split into two factions that hate each other. You must try to keep the Eastern Hordes locked up beyond the plains of Hungary and the Banat. Do not forget to cover the Transylvanian passes. Oh, and the 30,000 Bosnians in your rear.

As the Ottoman, you command a powerful force, divided into semi-feudal provincial armies who must periodically return to their farms, supported by your own personal, professional, army, the Kapikulu, or Slaves of the Porte. Your generals are also divided. Some are for peace and others for war.

*Compatible with the Lace Wars expansion pack Heirs of the Golden Horde

NO. OF SCENARIOS: 3 Minor and 1 Major
AGE: 14+


  • 2 full color maps
  • Over 1,000 game pieces
  • 1 rulebook
  • Supplemental rules.

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Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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