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Aleutians Campaign

Aleutians Campaign

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"The Aleutians Campaign" is a solitaire system game set during World War II.

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The Aleutians Campaign covers the most active phases of the little known strategic campaign in the North Pacific between Japan and the Allied powers from June 1942 to August 1943. Using the historically available individual warships, squadrons of aircraft and ground units, players will attempt to dominate the region.

While the fighting in the Aleutians chain has been overshadowed by other events occurring at the time, such as the battles of Guadalcanal, this Alaskan island chain represented potentially vital ground for both the Japanese and their American and Canadian opponents. Control of the islands would open up either the northwest coast of America or the Japanese Home Islands to attack.

AGE: 14+
TIME TO PLAY: 5+ Hours

DESIGNER: Bruce Costello
BOX ILLUSTRATION: Pedro Kerstizsch
GAME ART: Peter Schutze


  • 1 rulebook (12 pages)
  • 2 maps (11x17" inch)
  • 264 game pieces (5/8" inch)
  • 1 reference chart
  • 2 player tables

© Schutze Games.
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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