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Eureka Stockade

Eureka Stockade

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"Eureka Stockade" is a solitaire system war game set during the 19th century.

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"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."

In the early hours of Sunday December 3rd,1854, elements drawn from all of the forces under the Victorian colony’s command stormed the makeshift stockade erected by disaffected goldminers on the Ballarat goldfields.

Although the miners were primarily protesting against often brutal policing efforts, several similar though smaller scale acts of defiance in recent years coupled with the general breakdown of the existing social hierarchy had all of the colonial governments on edge.

The political rules allow for the strong possibility of initiating a regional war as neighboring countries are dragged into the conflict. Numerous optional rules are also included to allow players to customize the way they play.

Governor Hotham reported back to England:

“If the battle was lost at Ballarat then the colony of Victoria was lost to British Sovereignty.”

Players will control either the government forces or those of the miners in three different
scenarios ranging from the smallest (historical) forces to the typical (balanced) miner’s force at the stockade through to Hotham’s Nightmare where a large fraction of the miners who had attended earlier protests are present. Several optional rules are also provided to increase the historical and tactical feel of the battle.

AGE: 14+
TIME TO PLAY: 60 Minutes

DESIGNER: Peter Schutze
GAME ART: Peter Schutze & Maximilian Bretschneider


  • 1 rulebook (8 pages)
  • 1 map (22x17" inch)
  • 88 game pieces (5/8" inch)
  • 1 reference chart

© Schutze Games.
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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