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Historic Wings

SOE: Lysander

SOE: Lysander

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Fly as a pilot in Britain's most secret air unit, "A" Flight of RAF No. 161 Squadron (Special Duties). Your mission is to covertly deliver agents and saboteurs, along with weapons and ammunition, into enemy-occupied France to assist the French Resistance during the Second World War.



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The mission is to "set Europe ablaze", as Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously ordered. Flying by moonlight, you will navigate your Westland Lysander Mk. IIIA (SCW) aircraft across the English Channel and over occupied France, where you will land after midnight on improvised, often muddy farm fields and meadows that are behind enemy lines. Arguably the most challenging pilot duty flown by the RAF during the war, the game recreates all aspects of their covert operations missions. You will be harassed by enemy flak and small arms fire, tracked by Luftwaffe night fighters, and, when on the ground in France, hunted by the dreaded Gestapo. You will face the whims of ever-changing weather, problems and malfunctions with your aircraft, and the possibility of getting lost while over enemy territory. Your challenge will be just to survive to fly again on the following nights.

Designed by Thomas Van Hare, this is the third of a series of book-based war games and the first of the new Special Missions Collection. It combines card-driven play with dice rolling action to bring the challenges of RAF Special Duties operations in France to life. You play the role of a single pilot whose mission is to aid the French Resistance and, if luck holds, survive to see Paris liberated.

NOTE: This is NOT a complete game. Rules for the game are sold separately on Amazon. Amazon Order Page:


AGE: 10+
TIME TO PLAY: 15-60 Minutes
DESIGNER: Thomas Van Hare

  • 242 Thick Counters (5/8" inch)
  • 54 Character Counters (1" inch)
  • 4 x Plane Counters
  • Weather Charts (5)
  • Flight Log (1)
  • Flight Management Chart (1)
  • SOE: Lysander Deck (45 Cards)

©2023 Historic Wings & Thomas Van Hare
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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