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Test Product

Test Product

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For page testing purposes. Not available for purchase.

Upload your Custom Design Dice Trays here!

The uploaded files must use Blue Panther's custom print PDF template and be exactly 8.5x11 inch big. Files not using these specifications will NOT be accepted.

For more information, check the "Add Your Own Design" section below.

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Add Your Own Design (Custom Dice Trays)

Before submitting your order, Blue Panther recommends you preview your design in our FREE custom print template. This PDF template includes instructions and the dimensions of what will be printed. When you finish your design, you can upload your design directly to Blue Panther's web servers.*

Download the Custom Print Template Here:
Download Link (Shopify)

Custom Print Template Preview (8.5 x11 inch):

*Customer submitted designs must be kept at an appropriate "PG-13" level or below. They must also abide by Shopify's Terms of Service
Blue Panther reserves the right to reject any design under its sole discretion.

How to Assemble a Dice Tray

Learn how to assemble a wooden dice tray in nine easy steps!

All eight pieces of an unassembled wooden dice tray.

1. Remove all material from slots in top and bottom. All sides are the same and need to be assembled facing in the same direction.

2. Attach the six wall pieces to the bottom circle piece.

A timelapse of the six wooden walls going on the bottom piece.

3. Go around top of tray clockwise snapping all sides into slots on top.

A dice tray in its glorious final form.

4. Roll the dice!

Four D6 dice are rolled into the dice tray.