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Siege of Port Arthur

Siege of Port Arthur

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The Siege of Port Arthur is a low-to-moderate complexity tactical game on the Japanese siege of Russian Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War.

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1904. The Japanese have invested in the city of Port Arthur, a crucial naval base for the Russians. The city is heavily defended by redoubts and forts. The Russians are confident that the Czar will be proud of their defense, despite the continued bickering among their generals. The Japanese have 100,000 men for the siege, but soon realize taking the city will take more than just superior numbers. The Emperor will accept no more delays. The stage is set.

One player commands the Russian forces and the other player commands the Japanese army.


  • 48 5/8" inch thick game pieces
  • 1 four page rule book
  • 20 game cards
  • 11x17" inch game map
  • One six-sided die

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