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USS Laffey

USS Laffey

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USS Laffey is a single player war game of tactical naval warfare. Inspired by the true life story of the USS Laffey battleship during World War II.


Take control of the famed USS Laffey (DD 724). On April 16, 1945, 26 veteran IJN and army kamikaze pilots will attempt to swamp the Laffey's ability to stay afloat. Can you succeed in mitigating the damage caused by these fearsome attacks?

The game has dice-driven chance-mechanics. Yet, there are subtle tactical decisions you must make each turn. As Laffey's captain, can you make the right decisions at the right time? Can you match the feat of Commander FJ Becton and his valiant crew, and earn the title of "the ship that would not die?"

Will you use the 40mm cannons to shoot down the attacking Japanese aircraft? Maybe you'll gain repair supplies from storage, or focus on constant communications with the bridge. But be mindful of the fires and leaks that can send your team to sick bay and spell doom to the Laffey...

AGE: 14+


  • 25 bow / stern sheets
  • 8 six-sided dice
  • 1 rulebook
  • 4 color coded cubes
  • 3 colored pencils
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Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.
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